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Business Messaging: 5 Reasons to adopt a PRO account

Business Messaging: 5 Reasons to adopt a PRO account

Business Messaging: 5 Reasons to adopt a PRO account

The value of a professional email account for your business

Professional e-mail is a must for any serious company. Over time, e-mail has become such a commonplace means of communication that it seems incredible to pay for this type of service. Well, it is! You’ll have to invest a little bit. And here are 5 reasons to do so!

A proof of seriousness and professionalism

Getting a professional email address is subject to the purchase of a domain name. This domain name highlights your company’s personality and easily distinguishes you from others. When you decide to bring seriousness to a business, the creation of a professional email account should be included in the same way as expenses such as the electricity bill.

This type of email account reduces fraud and is considered more reassuring by many people, compared to a free email address.

A proof of reliability

The image you convey of your company is also valid in the digital world. Imagine for a moment that you receive an e-mail from imasoft2010@yahoo.com saying “Your request for quotation has been received”. What would you think of our company? Surely you would say that it is a team of amateurs. What would you say if you received the message from the following address: infos@imasoftgroup.com?

If someone writes to you from an address that ends with @imasoftgroup.com, it absolutely means that they are attached to www.imasoftgroup.com. This type of e-mail address gives legitimacy to the sender of the e-mail.

Security at the point!

A professional e-mail provides you with a high level of security: data hosted on a dedicated server; encryption of exchanged e-mails; secure connection; e-mail account without advertising.

Promote your “brand” online

Your site name quickly becomes your brand… and e-mail is one more way to reinforce your branding. It helps build your online identity.

Limit the risk of ending up in spam

If you send a large volume of email, you are more likely to end up in the spam folder of your contacts with a free email address. The reason is quite simple: because these addresses are very often used by spammers! They would therefore activate spam filters faster than a professional e-mail address (associated with a domain name).

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